Williams' patience running out

The Scotland U21 international has been a valuable member of the squad in recent years and attracted interest from Celtic and Rangers not so long ago.

He told the Scottish Sunday Mail: "My deal is finished at the end of the season. There was a contract offer about a year ago and it wasn't to my liking.

"I made my feelings known that I wanted to stay but as yet they haven't come back to me. I'm disappointed because I hope to stay but I don't know what their feelings are.

"And at the end of the day football is a business and you have to look after yourself.

"If it becomes apparent Forest don't want me I'll have to start looking around.

"I don't regret not accepting the original offer. If they came back to me now with the same one I still wouldn't sign it. There were things in it that weren't right. It's an important contract for my security.

"And it makes this 21s thing so important. We've been discussing it among the boys and with Rainer. It's such a high profile event there will be scouts from all over the world looking to pick up young talent, maybe on the cheap.

"So if there is a situation where anyone needs to move on or where they're not happy then it's a fantastic platform so that's why we're desperate to make it."