Billy Davies versus the Forest board?

After appearing to lay the blame for a lack of signings at the feet of football consultant David Pleat, Davies told BBC Radio Nottingham: "We certainly have got mischief-makers who are enjoying their moment.

"I'm very confident that David - with his experience and contacts - will continue to work hard and identify players that can come into this football club."

We asked for your views in the wake of Davies' original comments.

Rob Palethorpe told us: 'Whilst I agree that Colin Calderwood's departure had become almost inevitable I should remind everyone that the team only lost 3 of his final 13 games - not a bad record in anyone's book! 'His' team then went on to be undefeated for a further 6 matches after the Doncaster shambles.

'Enter Billy Davies. He has made it clear that our team isn't good enough.

'Whilst I thoroughly agree that one or two youngsters need to contribute far more before they are the finished article they had a record of only 4 defeats in 20 games!

'Mr Davies knew when he took the job that he had to use the available resources and wouldn't have cash to spend so why is he now moaning and slating everyone associated with the club instead of building on the good work and obvious potential at his disposal.

'In my experience players will not respond to Mr Davies' continual criticism; he has a team that only lost 4 times in 20 games - I'll settle for that ! How about putting your efforts into getting the team back on track - either shut up or get out!!'

Ian Howse meanwhile, commented: 'I do think that Billy Davies is the right man to take us forward.

'But there has to be some investment from the board instead of selling all our best players.

'We had Lee Camp on loan, no disrespect to Paul Smith but Lee Camp is a better keeper what happened there? He said he would love to stay at Forest.

'Like so many people on the forum have said we are a league one side not a championship side.

'It breaks my heart to see where the team I love so much is in the table.

'We need a new chairman who is will to invest in forest future. instead of lining his own pocket.'