Forest post interests Ince

The East Midlands club are searching for a new boss after Steve McClaren's resignation. Ince has been out of work since leaving city rivals Notts County in April but insists he would only return to management at the right club.

Ince told "They (Forest) are a fantastic club, with a fantastic stadium and fantastic fanbase and they've got young players who need to be given a bit of motivation and a bit of passion and, you know, that's part of my game."

Asked if Forest would be a possibility, Ince replied: "Listen, I'd talk to anybody if they were interested. As I've said, it doesn't have to be Premier League or Championship club. If a club was moving in the right direction, then of course I would.

"Forest is a fantastic club so I think anyone would be foolish not to talk to them but last time I saw there were about 50,000 applicants! So I'll wait and see what happens."

Source: PA

Source: PA