Stalemate for Forest - does anyone want promotion?

A goalless draw with Doncaster Rovers at the City Ground left Forest in 6th place in the Championship and once again left to rue a lost opportunity as Swansea suffered a surprise defeat at Derby.

Visting keeper Gary Woods was in fine form to make it six games without a win for the Reds in front of 25,000.

"We watched the video of the game and got a few ideas from the way Hull went about their business in beating Forest 1-0 here a week ago," said Doncaster boss Sean O'Driscoll.

"We asked the question of whether or not they were lucky and they weren't, so we looked at the way they were set up and asked ourselves whether we could do the same.

"We didn't quite get the result they did but we've got a point and we engineered the kind of openings that could have led to us getting a goal."